Martin E., U.S. physician, 1887-1964. See: Rehfuss method, Rehfuss stomach tube.
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Likewise, in a study by Davis, Suarez, Crawford, and Rehfuss (2013), the researchers investigated the effectiveness of a 13-day reentry program that was designed to facilitate easier transitions from the host culture to the home culture.
Mixed results have ensued, with spirituality/religion being associated with both increased NSSI (Longo, Walls, & Wisneski, 2013; Westers, Rehfuss, Olson, & Wiemann, 2014) and decreased NSSI (Borrill, Fox, & Roger, 2011; Kuentzel, Arble, Boutros, Chugani, & Barnett, 2012).
2004; Del Corso & Rehfuss, 2011; Harrington & Long, 2013).
Taber and Briddick (2011) provided evidence of the value of the CCI in meeting the resilience adaptability needs of workers in the current world of work, and Taber, Hartung, Briddick, Briddick, and Rehfuss (2011) showcased the value of the CCI in creating life portraits to inspire hope in a brighter future.
Blakely, Underwood, and Rehfuss (2009) conducted a study of 181 school counseling supervisors to determine whether there were differences in supervisor readiness and supervision activities between those supervisors working in traditional school counseling programs and those working in schools with Recognized ASCA Model Programs (RAMPs).
TCKs subsequently create a unique third culture, feeling most at home among those who have been reared internationally and can relate to an international lifestyle (Davis, Suarez, Crawford, & Rehfuss, 2013; Hervey, 2009; Pollock, 1987).
In a qualitative study (Wagner & Rehfuss, 2008), participants who self-injure reported that they were negatively influenced by a Christian upbringing, but exploration and development of personal spiritual and religious beliefs and practices had positive effects on reducing the occurrence of participants' self-injury rates.
Studies have already started to investigate changes in clinical practice but have yet to demonstrate a significant trend towards earlier age of orchiopexy (Aggarwal, Rehfuss, & Hollowed, 2014; Bradshaw, Corbet-Burcher, & Hitchcock, 2014).
com)-- The Gateway Family YMCA announces the addition of Jessica Rehfuss as the School Age Child Care and Summer Camp Director for the Rahway Branch, located at 1564 Irving Street.
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Not only did the Ministry of Education (2011) launch the PEP, which implemented a plan to train guidance counselors in the area of substance abuse, but the development of the first counselor preparation program also took place in 1985 (Stupart, Rehfuss, & Parks-Savage, 2010).