gene activation

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gene ac·ti·va·tion

the process of activation of a gene so that it is expressed at a particular time. This process is crucial in growth and development.
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CDKs are regulatory proteins that are critical to cellular replication and regulation of gene expression.
Throughout life, methylation of DNA plays an important role in normal and appropriate regulation of gene expression.
In cell engineering and tissue biology research, the use of pulsed lasers to stimulate cells has emerged as a powerful technique for enabling selective gene transfection, drug injection or the regulation of gene expression.
Transcription factors are essential for the regulation of gene expression.
In the current study, researchers from the Working Group on Intragenomic Conflict at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) integrated evolutionary theory with recent advances in the molecular regulation of gene expression and androgen-dependent sexual development to produce a biological and mathematical model that delineates the role of epigenetics in homosexuality.
The overall themes are enzyme systems involved, mass spectrometry for lipid analysis, the lipid-mediated regulation of gene expression, and methods for assessing fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism.
Louis, MS and Richmond, CA 7/10/07--Sigma-Aldrich has licensed Sangamo BioSciences' zinc finder DNA-binding proteins (ZFPs) for development of research reagents for the regulation of gene expression in living cells.
These early genetic studies resulted in the establishment of functional relationships among various factors in regulation of gene expression through analysis of their genetic interactions.
Uses of the composition include, but are not limited to: regulation of gene expression, gene therapy, and the production of pharmaceutical nucleic acids and proteins.
How bacteria talk to each other: Regulation of gene expression by quorum sensing.
The general lecture on March 19 was entitled 'Beyond the Genome: Chemistry for the 21st Century', and covered the challenges and opportunities at the interface of chemistry and biology, like the regulation of gene expression by synthetic DNA binding ligands.
Research at Constellation and by others has shown that abnormal epigenetic regulation of gene expression contributes to many different diseases.

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