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a word, symbol, or device assigned to a product by its manufacturer, registered or not registered, as a part of its identity. See also generic name.


n a word, symbol, or device assigned to a product by its manufacturer, possibly registered, as a part of its identity.
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One advantage of having a registered trade mark is that you will be notified if someone seeks to register a similar mark against a similar class of goods.
A registered trade mark can last indefinitely, provided the registration is renewed every ten years, whilst a registered design can last for up to 25 years, provided it is renewed every five years.
The Complainants own domain names which incorporate the Complainants' registered trade marks.
The notice also contended that, if Plaintiff used a trade mark during the non-use period (May 7, 2004 to May 8, 2007), it was a trade mark consisting of Barefoot with an image of a bare foot and not the registered trade mark and further that this use was not in good faith.
He said: "When registering the brand name, HReSOURCE, as a UK trade mark, we came upon the issue of conflicting registered trade marks.
A registered trade mark can also be used to raise vital finance.
According to Ramage, there will be a four-month 'sunrise' period when preference is given to companies having an appropriate registered trade mark, before the actual registrations process is launched.
He pleaded guilty to 16 charges of fraudulently applying a registered trade mark and possessing counterfeit goods and asked for 34 similar offences to be considered.
Test 1 ( Owen's registered trade mark rights date back to August 20, 1998.
If this is one of the goals of the company I would suggest the name Companions 2 Travel is protected both in the UK and abroad, by way of a registered trade mark.
GLAD WRAP[R] is also a registered trade mark in New Zealand and has a reputation based on quality, innovation and value.

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