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a health care system under which all institutions and agencies in a given geographical area are organized under a single board and administration; it may involve the integration of some or all of the service providers in the region.


(in health care planning) the organization of a system for the delivery of health care within a region to avoid costly duplication of services and to ensure availability of essential services.


Managed care The subdivision of a broadly available service–eg, a blood bank, into quasi-autonomous regional centers, capable of making decisions and providing more cost-effective and/or faster service to hospitals and health care facilities, located the greatest distance from a 'centralized' service's hub

Patient discussion about regionalization

Q. Any idea on how to meet people who suffer from alcoolism in my region?

A. if you look for an AA meeting near your home- that should not be a problem- just "google" it. or ask your doctor to reffer you to the nearest clinic.
take care! and good for you on that big step!

Q. Is there any problem, if an arachnoid cyst ,2cmx1.5cm size, rostral to cerebellar region left untreated? symptoms: repeated headaches, twitching of muscles, tiredness

A. An arachnoid cyst that leads to symptoms usually needs treatment. Mild symptoms as you suggested are ok to left untreated however gradual onset of new symptoms may arise such as seizures, paralysis and other complications, therefore once symptoms occur one should consider treatment.

Q. experiencing sharp pain in my right kidney region... pain is acute and doesnt radiate... recently PE left lung have been taking warfrin, panadiene forte, two kinds of cholesterol/triglycerine reducing meds and champix quit smoking medication... recently tests showed the hight cholesterol and triglys' levels and also a swollen liver... pain is not in my liver area... past pain in this kidney recurrent but never as bad. always dull.. many years ago had a uti, which caused high protiene levels.. very bad at finishing anti-biotics... recently had tonsilitis.. This hurts and is tender to touch but does not bring on sharp pain when touched, sharp pain comes and goes after taking pain relief

A. Go to see a doctor - although its tempting to make the diagnosis over the net (I have several ideas about what it might be), it sounds like serious, especially if you had a PE lately - it could be a thrombus in the vein of the kidney, or maybe a stone (sounds like that according to the description of the pain). However, as I said, making the diagnosis without even seeing you isn't the wisest thing to do.

Take care,

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The Co R has been in existence since 1994 and even before then government papers, a report on Regionalisation of Britain by Paul Romus -- an official of the EU Commission, now in the public domain after the 30-year secrecy rule -- clearly shows Britain carved up into practically the same regions as John Prescott proposed for us all.
The participants will also present regional and international experiences in the area of regionalisation and autonomy and examine them politically, economically and at the level of development.
He then calls for a consultation exercise to test the water for EU regionalisation in England.
Cette regionalisation avancee ne se reduira pas non plus [beaucoup moins que]a une simple redistribution des competences entre le centre et les regions[beaucoup plus grand que].
Regionalisation will give us an under-funded talking shop that will remove the power of the people of the UK to Brussels.
En effet, apres la signature de memorandum d'entente entre l'universite Ibn Zohr et le centre Achourouk pour la democratie, l'information et des droits de l'homme, l'assistance avait rendez-vous, vendredi apres-midi, avec le sous-theme de la regionalisation avancee et l'autonomie, entre confrontation et superposition?
Mennouni pointed out that "the reform meets the essential demands, such as enshrining in the Constitution the Justice and Reconciliation Commission's recommendations, ensuring the independence of the judiciary and a democratic, responsible government, and the establishment of regionalisation," which is, he said, "an unprecedented reform in the history of the independent Morocco.
Why can't the minister say she has directed the Arts Council to ensure there is regionalisation and the handing out of money across Wales?
De par la pertinence des sous-themes retenus dans cet echange, la qualite du parterre des participants et l'acuite du sujet soumis a discussion, cette rencontre promet beaucoup, car elle intervient a un moment idoine du processus de democratisation et de modernisation, conforte par l'adoption des nouvelles dispositions de la constitution au sein desquelles la regionalisation avancee occupe une place de choix.
Cette rencontre, qui intervient au lendemain des declarations lancees par le secretaire general de l'Istiqlal, un parti de la majorite, accusant a tort d'ailleurs de prevarication un membre du gouvernement et de manque de democratie un autre, s'est deroulee, malgre tout, dans un climat de serenite, de calme, de transparence et de responsabilite, qui a permis aux participants de convenir que la reussite du projet de regionalisation avancee et sa mise en oeuvre requierent davantage de mobilisation nationale et une ferme implication de tous les partenaires concernes.
In this respect, Secretary General of the Independence Party (PI), Abbas El Fassi, said HM the King highlighted in the speech the advanced regionalisation project underlining the consensus of the Moroccan people about this issue.
Apres la mise en place du nouveau gouvernement et a la veille des prochaines consultations electorales, le concept de regionalisation revient en force a l'actualite.