Claude, French radiologist, 1870-1940. See: Regaud fixative, residual body of Regaud.
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It was first described as a separate entity by Regaud and Schmincke in 1921.
47,48) In the differentiated or Regaud pattern, the neoplastic cells form cohesive nests and cords sharply distinct from the surrounding inflammation (Figure 3, A), which is usually readily identified as a carcinoma.
Interior Minister Mutahar al Masri met on Saturday with Mr Nicolas Regaud, deputy director in charge of strategic affairs at the French Ministry of Defence.
Glimmerglass is a true pioneer of optical layer management and we're very pleased to now offer our customers the major breakthroughs in flexibility and performance that Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems provide," said Bruno Regaud, Elexo Vice President of Sales and Operations.
Contract notice: Outsourcing benefit institut claudius regaud.
The term lymphoepithelioma was coined in 1921 by Regaud and Reverchon[1] and Schminke[2] to describe a tumor occurring in the nasopharynx.
To date, six centers in France have adopted TomoTherapy's advanced cancer treatment solution, including: Institut Curie in Paris; Institut Bergonie in Bordeaux; Centre Paul Strauss in Strasbourg; Centre Rene Gauducheau in Saint Herblain; and Institut Claudius Regaud in Toulouse.
Contract notice: Storage and management services of an archive background (medical, administrative and technical medical records medical records) for the toulouse university hospital and the institute claudius regaud.
principal investigator from the anti-cancer center Claudius Regaud Institute in Toulouse, France.
This contract is to define the administrative and financial technical conditions under which the supplier agrees to provide an automated device for preparation and injection of 18F-FDG for, and to ensure the installation, commissioning, the training and maintenance in the nuclear medicine department of the Institut Claudius Regaud accordance with the provisions of this specification.
This contract is intended to define the following technical administrative and financial conditions under which the provider agrees to provide for the microdissection of anatomy and pathological laboratory cythologie and ensure the installation, commissioning, training, and for maintenance within the cythologie anatomy and pathological laboratory of the Institute Claudius Regaud accordance with the provisions of the Specifications.
Contract award: implementation of a supplemental health insurance plan for all staff of the institut claudius regaud