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Reading the crystal ball backwards," Eccles says, "I think Reg FD may not have been as important as it was if the 1990s hadn't been what they were.
Insurers and analysts have different views on the effects of Reg FD.
As an innovative securities industry leader, OES specializes in smart-order routing, Reg.
MarketAxis and OTR Compliance Recall are both FIX compliant, enabling any DMA, OMS, exchange or proprietary system to connect seamlessly, thus allowing partners and vendors to offer their clients an easily deployable turnkey Reg.
Reg AB expands the reporting and disclosure requirements of entities that perform material origination and servicing functions, typically defined as 10% or more of a transaction.
We should also be mindful of footnote 14 in Judge Daniels' decision where he said, "Although Reg FD pertains solely to the disclosure of information, the challenged communications need not be an expressed verbal or written statement.
Anuvu agrees to work on the Rand Cam(TM) projects, as required by Reg Technologies, Inc.
I can't think of a greater endorsement than to have United Artist Theatres join our partnership and for REG to extend its contract for Edwards Theatres and Regal Cinemas," said Art Levitt, president and CEO of Fandango, Inc.
Now, Stanford Graduate of School of Business faculty member Eric Zitzewitz demonstrates in his latest research paper that Reg FD has not had the negative effects that were feared and that it actually has leveled the playing field as intended.
a provider of a risk free online multi currency solution that enables businesses to sell in local currencies without currency risks, today announced that the Reg.