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The alteration of some aspect of a blockbuster drug’s formulation—e.g., purification, altered route of delivery—or the seeking of approval to market the agent for another clinical indication as a means of extending the drug’s (lucrative) patent protection
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The experience in the United Kingdom presents an opportunity for governments and public health advocates to use taxes and other strategies to drive product reformulation among food and beverage companies.
So-called silent product reformulations, where supermarkets do not notify consumers explicitly, could be a promising strategy to help towards a lower calorie intake, said researchers at the University of Copenhagen.
The researchers analyzed data after a silent reformulation of eight products, conducted by a Danish retail chain between March 2013 and 2014.
It analyses the procedures that children employ along their developmental pathway, and this analysis is performed within the framework of a specific theoretical perspective called the reformulation approach (Martinot 1994; Martinot et al.
A snapshot of the success stories captured in Reformulation for Health:
The OnePoll national survey of 2,000 people also revealed that more than half (54%) of people in the West Midlands would be unsupportive if reformulation changed the overall taste of a product.
Dans notre these (Martinot, 1994) sur la reformulation chez des enfants de 5-6 ans puis dans nos recherches ulterieures sur l'acquisition de la langue maternelle, nous avons ete amenee a redefinir la reformulation par opposition a l'acception triviale qui est donnee de cette notion: selon nous, la reformulation ne doit pas se limiter a produire une paraphrase plus ou moins equivalente par rapport a l'enonce source, elle peut aussi modifier le sens de l'ES ou meme repeter a l'identique l'ES.
Pharma companies are paying this area a great deal of attention, due to the advantages that such research can provide, including reformulations that can reposition drugs and delay patent expiry, while saving the company money.
We support the reformulation of some claims, but we hope it will be motivated first and foremost by reasons of public health and will not be limited to a selling tool," said Monique Goyens, BEUC's managing director.
Despite the reformulation, the yoghurts still contained just 88 calories per loog, Emmi added.
Regarding the latter, some studies have investigated the effect of just one type of feedback, most notably the effects of reformulation (cf.
That researcher has analyzed nearly one million Web searches to detect patterns of query reformulation; he then created models to predict those reformulations.