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The alteration of some aspect of a blockbuster drug’s formulation—e.g., purification, altered route of delivery—or the seeking of approval to market the agent for another clinical indication as a means of extending the drug’s (lucrative) patent protection
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A snapshot of the success stories captured in Reformulation for Health:
The OnePoll national survey of 2,000 people also revealed that more than half (54%) of people in the West Midlands would be unsupportive if reformulation changed the overall taste of a product.
Given that one can predict future states of query formulation based on previous and present states with a reasonable degree of accuracy, one can design information systems that provide query reformulation assistance, automated searching assistance systems, recommender systems and others," Jansen said.
Use of query reformulation and relevance feedback by Web users.
She also noted that given the facts and the legal requirements under the CPSA, CPSC could never have made a case for requiring reformulation through regulation.
The company focuses on the reformulation of approved or promising small molecule and protein drug candidates based on its patented and award winning MJR-nanotechnology-platform.
IGD has published an interactive guide on reformulation aimed to help food and drink companies improve the nutrient content of their products, making healthier options available to consumers.
Seliger (resident representative at the Korea office of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the party-affiliated foundation of Germany's Christian Social Union) presents an institutional-structural explanation for South Korea's 1998 recession and subsequent recovery that relies on a reformulation of transformation theory that is influenced by debates over the Ordnungsprbolem ("problem of order") among German ordoliberals, the Austrian tradition's ideas about the evolutionary competition process for institutionals, new institutional economics, and public choice theory.
Amid widespread hysteria about the reformulation of HP in the more nationalistic elements of our esteemed press, a lucky escape for another national institution got far less attention.
The paint industry is seeking use of EGBE as an alternative low-ozone-forming solvent in the reformulation of coatings in compliance with maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards for various National Emission Standard for HAPs, as well as the NESHAP for Miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing (MCM).
Things like their contribution to Ballu's Oran Cathedral, or the banal exterior of the famous Ateliers Estiers workshop, correct the old, too orderly picture of their inexorable reformulation of French classicism in terms of a language of trabeated concrete.