non-epileptic seizure

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psychogenic seizure

A specific type of seizure regarded as a conversion symptom, which occurs when a person cannot directly express distress; patients are not consciously aware of the conversion symptoms, nor do they intentionally produce them. The seizures may be accompanied by somatic symptoms, which serve several purposes for the patient—e.g., communication, secondary gain, conflict resolution, expression of hostility and others.

Clinical findings
Frequent seizures despite therapeutic levels of anti-epileptic medication, prolonged duration (more than 5 minutes), wild movements, pelvic thrusting, fluctuating intensity, resolution of symptoms with distraction, nonphysiologic spread of symptoms, crying, bilateral motor activity with preserved consciousness, lack of post-ictal confusion or lethargy.

• Good—if female, of higher intelligence, independent lifestyle, no prior psychotherapy, normal EEG.
• Poor—if accompanied by epilepsy or seizure activity, history of psychiatric disorders, unemployed.

non-epileptic seizure

A seizure often accompanied by loss of consciousness, due to inadequate perfusion of the brain, e.g., during a sudden lowering of blood pressure or, in treated diabetic patients, from hypoglycemia.
See also: seizure
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Incontinence is unusual but no tongue biting, loss of consciousness is brief and recovery rapid; may progress to reflex anoxic seizure if held upright
George has a rare illness, known as RAS - reflex anoxic seizure.
Doctors were initially baffled but eventually diagnosed Reflex Anoxic Seizure (RAS) - a rare condition where blood-flow to the brain is disrupted.
Mrs Lobban set up the charity Stars, which offers support to patients diagnosed with reflex anoxic seizure, where the sufferer experiences a mini cardiac arrest often triggered by a shock or fright, 12 years ago.
At the time I was working for an epilepsy organisation and I identified it as a classic Reflex Anoxic Seizure.
However, it was not until ten months later he was referred to a specialist who diagnosed him as suffering from reflex anoxic seizure, a type of arrhythmia.
She "died" more than 70 times during the first two years of her life when her heart stopped beating because of a rare cardiac condition called reflex anoxic seizure.
Amy's condition is known as Reflex Anoxic Seizure, RAS.
Amy was struck by a rare heart-stopping condition, Reflex Anoxic Seizure.
She suffers a rare and baffling syndrome called Reflex Anoxic Seizure - RAS - which is thought to affect only one in 20,000 children.
But a year ago doctors diagnosed Reflex Anoxic Seizure - a disorder which affects only about one person in 20,000.
The 28-year-old, who comes from Wrexham, has a very rare condition called reflex anoxic seizures where her heart and breathing stops and her body begins to shut down.