oxidation-reduction potential

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ox·i·da·tion-re·duc·tion po·ten·tial (E0+),

the potential in volts of an inert metallic electrode measured in a system of an arbitrarily chosen ratio of [oxidant] to [reductant] and referred to the normal hydrogen electrode at absolute temperature; it is calculated from the following equation; where R is the gas constant expressed in electrical units, T the absolute temperature (Kelvin), n the number of electrons transferred, F the faraday, and E0 the normal symbol for the potential of the system at pH 0; for biologic systems, E0' is often used (in which pH = 7). Compare: Nernst equation.
Synonym(s): redox potential

oxidation-reduction potential

measure of the capacity of an element or compound, usually contained in half-cells consisting of electron donor and its conjugate electron acceptor, to donate electrons in aqueous medium. Often called redox potential and given the symbol EO or E′O for pH 7.0. Electrons flow from the half-cell of lower to that of higher redox potential.
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Because of the important role of biological iron reduction in iron and organic material cycling [4, 6, 7], we were interested in evaluating Fe(III) reduction potential of bacteria isolated from ecosystems of our own homeland.
The LDP made no reference to a national reduction target for 2020, saying countries should set ''equitable'' targets by tallying up the reduction potential in each industrial sector with a view to peaking global emissions in 10 to 20 years before halving them by 2050.
A high reduction potential represents a strong oxidizing agent.
The controller senses the current amount of oxidation reduction potential with a platinum sensor located just downstream from the sulfite injection, and, based on this measurement, the controller determines the correct feed rate to reach the desired set point.
2] reduction potential from conventional turbocharging.
The investment at Neusiedler SCP in Ruzomberok is just one example of a massive optimization project that has seen an annual cost reduction potential of EUR 33 million realized in 2003 alone.
If pre-implementation measurements are not avail able, estimates of ADE reduction potential can be calculated based on published research.
Ambient water data including pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, oxidation reduction potential, specific conductivity, total alkalinity, dissolved iron, and total hardness were recorded in the field.
NSFC developed its booklet to help readers understand the flow reduction potential of water conservation fixtures.
The woodworking industry has been slow in taking advantage of the cost reduction potential offered by numerically controlled and computer numerically controlled woodworking machinery.
While channel inventory levels remain at around about four weeks, Pfeiffer said the company's new supply chain, outsourcing and order fulfillment strategies offer a significant cost reduction potential.
Others had found that the mutagenicity of a nitro-PAH appeared linked to its reduction potential, or the ease with which it accepts an electron, Pryor explains.

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