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ANIMAL MAGIC: Cadets nervously take the opportunity to stroke Marmite, the red-tailed boa constrictor found abandoned in the park adjacent to their headquarters; Baz, the three-legged ferret and Roxy the fox
Photo: James Conaway of Newhall Pet Center plays with a red-tailed boa constrictor during an animal show.
Trevor, aged 36, keeps his odd pet in a specially-built vivarium in his living room - alongside a 12ft Burmese python, 5ft red-tailed boa constrictor, three baby pythons, a baby rainbow boa, chilli rose tarantula and assorted rats.
Almost two weeks after the city's animal commission ruled Johnson could have his Colombian red-tailed boa back, the snake is still in exile.
Buddy, a 4-foot red-tailed boa constrictor, was a big hit with the kids, some who dared to hold or pet the reptile.