Strawberry Haemangioma

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A raised, irregular, bright-red capillary haemangioma or reactive proliferation of small subdermal vessels seen in infancy, which expands aggressively for several years and then involutes or disappears—90% are gone by age 7
Management Excision if necessary or high-dose prednisone
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It was even thought a sign of royalty to be born with a small red birthmark (a strawberry) on your body.
From the holy symbol, it was only a short hop to the claim that those born with a small red birthmark (called a strawberry mark) were born under the sign of royalty.
It happened after she agreed to wear a fake red birthmark covering half her face for a TV documentary - and found herself turning heads for very different reasons.
Red birthmarks are caused by an excess of blood vessels near the surface of the skin before birth.
Candela's Dynamic Cooling Device is integrated into the company's GentleLASE(tm) system for hair removal, and is also offered with its ScleroPLUS(tm) and SPTL-1b(tm) lasers for treating vascular lesions, such as leg veins, red birthmarks, scars and warts.