rectus abdominis muscle

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rec·tus ab·dom·i·nis mus·cle

(rek'tŭs ab-dom'i-nis mŭs'ĕl)
Muscle of ventral abdominal wall, flanking the linea alba, characterized by tendinous intersections separating its length into multiple bellies; origin, crest and symphysis of the pubis; insertion, xiphoid process and fifth to seventh costal cartilages; action, flexes lumbar vertebral column, draws thorax downward toward pubis; nerve supply, thoracoabdominal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculus rectus abdominis [TA] , rectus muscle of abdomen.

rectus abdominis muscle

Abdominal wall muscle. Origin: crest and symphysis of pubis. Insertion: xiphoid process, costal cartilages 5-7. Nerve: spinal T7-T12. Action: tenses abdomen, flexes vertebral column.
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[L.] straight.

rectus abdominis muscle
see Table 13.2.
ocular rectus muscle
see Table 13.1F.
rectus sheath
the sleeve of fascia which surrounds the rectus abdominis muscle and which is derived from the aponeurotic tendons of the other abdominal muscles.
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However, the improvement in the activation ratio of transversus abdominus and internal oblique relative to rectus abdominus muscle was found in the subjects that were treated with core stabilization exercise.
Abdominal wall endometrioma: Localizing in rectus abdominus sheath.
With the previous studies in mind, in order to assess the activity of trunk as well as lower limb muscles; the following muscles were chosen: rectus abdominus, external oblique, longissimus, multifidus as well as vastus medialis, vastus lateralis and hamstrings, all from the right side of the subjects' body.
10,11) A protocol was established to mea sure muscle activation for bilateral rectus abdominus, external oblique, erector spinae, and latissimus dorsi as percentages of maximal voluntary isometric contraction.
The last abdominal muscle is the rectus abdominus that runs from the front of the pelvis up toward the sternum and causes the body to flex forward.
The names of core muscles (such as rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques, and iliopsoas) don't come up in everyday conversation.
Intra-operatively, the tumour invaded the anterior rectus fascia, rectus abdominus, periosteum of the pubic symphysis and spermatic cords bilaterally.
They occur through Hasselbach's triangle, which is anatomically demarcated by the inguinal ligament inferiorly, by the inferior epigastric vessels laterally, and by the rectus abdominus muscle medially (Figure 5).
The ultrasound images (Figures 1 and 2) demonstrate a spindle-shaped soft tissue mass of low central echogenicity, located at the medial margin of the left rectus abdominus muscle.
Diastis recti is the separation of the rectus abdominus from the linea alba (Anthony, 2002).
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine muscle activation of the pectoralis major (PM), triceps brachii (TB), biceps brachii (BB), anterior deltoid (AD), trapezius (TR), and rectus abdominus (RA) during the chest shake (CS), biceps shake (BS), and triceps shake (TS) using the SW and DB of the same absolute weight.
It is also important to consider the other anatomical structures around the groin, including the ilio-psoas, ligamentum teres, greater trochanter area, gluteus medius and rectus abdominus.