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In chemistry, a vessel attached to a condenser to receive the product of distillation.
[L. receptor, fr. recipio, to receive]


Etymology: L, recipere, to receive
1 (in communication theory) the person or persons to whom a message is sent.
2 the part of a hearing aid that converts electric signals to acoustic signals.


An MRI term for the part of an MRI scanner that detects and amplifies the radio frequency signals detected by the receiver coil.

Receiver components
Preamplifier, NMR signal amplifier, demodulator.


(rē-sēv′ĕr) [″ + capere, to take]
1. A container for holding a gas or a distillate.
2. An apparatus for receiving electric waves or current, such as a radio receiver.

Patient discussion about receiver

Q. Who Should Receive the Flu Vaccine? Should I go get vaccinated for the flu? I have been told it is advised only for certain people, so who should receive this vaccine?

A. before you would like to go on with any vaccination, you should check out this very long list of links and create your own opinion:

at the bottom you will also find links in english. vaccinations in general are very disputable/dubious and it is probably time that we learn about it.

Q. What kind of treatment he may receive? my alcoholic dad who is declared with alcoholism will be given treatment from next week and now he is on detoxification…what kind of treatment he may receive?

A. Your dad will be given drugs and some education and counseling support to reduce on alcohol. Drug treatment will be like antabuse to cause nausea every time he takes alcohol or some other drugs depending on his counseling. The most important part of treatment is to make him accept that he is alcoholic so he takes the courage himself to leave alcohol. These will be combined with psychological support.

Q. From where can I receive better results: from a gym or my home? I have recently bought some gym equipments for home. Now my friend sowed a doubt that the investment I made is for waste. From where can I receive better results: from a gym or my home?

A. From your question I think you have invested MORE for the equipments. But anyway past is past. It greatly depends on your fitness goals and your schedule. Both locations may yield the results you want. It's just good to know what you are aiming for. For example, if you are a busy mom of two and you want to lose those stubborn 10-15 pounds, but you don't want to join a gym because it is inconvenient to drive, plus you don't want to leave your kids with people you don't know, and additionally you prefer a more private setting, then, in-home training may be a good solution. Progressive resistance training performed in-home, mixed with cardiovascular exercise, and good eating habits will help you lose those 10-15 pounds. On the other hand, if you are a middle aged guy who is overweight, and you want to get into the shape of a bodybuilder, then joining a gym may be a better idea.

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The average distance between transmitters and recievers can be shortened, which leads to mitigating the path-loss and saving the transmit power [5-6].
While the Cassation Court was considering the appeal filed by the shipowners, the Insurers filed a case against the shipowners in order to claim the amount paid by the Insurers to the Receiver, pursuant to the foregoing proceedings in which the judgement was issued in favour of the Receiver and the execution claim filed by the Recievers against the Insurers.
The founder of the Enunciation Theory Benveniste (1995:30) stated that language is the common shared ground whereas discourse is a vehicle for both conveying messages and influencing the recievers.