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Joseph C.A., French gynecologist, 1774-1852. See: Récamier operation.
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But to me the librarian--her name was Genevieve Oswald--was like Madame Recamier presiding over her salon.
Metastasis was first described in 1839 by the French gynecologist Joseph Recamier, and soon thereafter, physicians found that certain cancers were most likely to spread to certain organs.
In an age that worshipped pale classical beauties like Pauline Bonaparte and Juliette Recamier, she believed that she was ugly.
Although in a hurry upon leaving the cafe, she slows down as she approaches the tiny book and magazine shop where Emile Recamier (Jean-Claude Brialy), her lover, works.
Ingres's exact representation of classical artefacts, which persists in several of his portraits and portrait-drawings, dates from his time in David's studio, when he was allowed to paint the footstool and the incense-burner in David's picture of Mme Recamier.
There were our things, the horsehair recamier and sturdy credenza, the framed photographs, and fringed lampshades, and even the throw rugs Apu stepped over as he hurried eagerly down the hall, checking over everything.
As for the art provided by Bernardo Recamier, it does not add to the value of Morabito's work.
Craig Company, known for its now classic empire Railroad Baron's Bed(R) with its decidedly elegant, masculine presence, announces the debut of its strikingly feminine creation, The Recamier Bed.
Contract notice: restoration work of the power transformer in high school) (Juliette Recamier in Lyon 2nd) (69
The opening took the form of a private dinner with the host (as the museum's singular treasure) lounging on a recamier sofa, a gilded horn on his head, deploying dandyism as political art practice with his aptly titled tableau vivant Monoceros.
At an age when most men are thinking of retirement, Henry Recamier turned the Louis Vuitton handbag into an international badge of the rich and famous.
So sensual this early Art Deco German recamier is a natural for a master bedroom, but you could also show it off in the grand foyer, where it could be draped with minks as guests arrive for dinner.