chemical reaction

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chemical reaction,

n rearrangement of atoms or ions accompanying energy change. A catalyst, such as heat or an enzyme, may alter the rate of reaction.
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The reaction mixture was repeatedly flushed with nitrogen and poured into several polystyrene cuvettes (path length 1.
The exo-1,4-[beta]-glucanase activity was determined in a reaction mixture containing 0.
Using magnetic stirrers, the scientists conducted the tests in a glass petri dish containing the reaction mixtures.
The percentage purity of sodium chromate was uplifted upto 90% when H2SO4 was added to the reaction mixture in the acidification tank to convert NaHSO4 into Na2SO4 in the reaction mixture and the conversion under similar conditions of temperature (1150C) and time three hours.
Mathematical-physical model for alkaline hydrolysis of shavings is based on the mass balance of the input substance, the resulting hydrolyzate protein, enthalpy balance for the reaction mixture and the heat transfer medium.
Optical density emax for each reaction mixture was fixed as response for the chosen design of experiments.
High temperature and pressure are created inside the bubbles existing in the reaction mixture due to the presence of ultrasound waves, and the reaction mixture becomes more active.
The volume or reaction mixture was 25 ml, and substrate's baseline concentration was 70.
Specifically, the patent covers the use of an excess amount of reference blocking sequence in an amplification reaction mixture to enhance the enrichment efficiency and reduce cycle time of full COLD-PCR.