chemical reaction

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chemical reaction,

n rearrangement of atoms or ions accompanying energy change. A catalyst, such as heat or an enzyme, may alter the rate of reaction.
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Relationship between behavioral state and reaction type for tag and biopsy deployments.
The authors then follow the 'tried-and-true' format of grouping the material by reaction type.
The text also includes four essays on compounds, the functions within a crime lab, molecular modeling, and the presence of chemistry in everyday life, as well as appendices on web resources, chemistry software, the Periodic Table of Elements, chemical reaction types, and metals and alloys.
makes available at one's fingertips a wealth of information concerning a broad range of reaction types.
In this reference, they give a comprehensive history of the study of organocatalysts, then describe all synthetically relevant reaction types and large-scale applications.
The first part deals with the synthesis, modification, characterization and application of catalytic active zeolites, while the second focuses on such reaction types as cracking, hydrocracking, isomerization, reforming and other industrially important topics.