Re-Emerging Disease

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Any condition, usually an infection, that had decreased in incidence in the global population and was brought under control through effective health care policy and improved living conditions, reached a nadir, and, more recently, began to resurge as a health problem due to changes in the health status of a susceptible population
Examples Cholera, dengue, diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis
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Among the main threats in Ufa Declaration there marked new and re-emerging infections with pandemic potential (highly pathogenic flu, novel coronavirus), as well as the continuing worldwide spread of serious illnesses like HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, the forgotten tropical infections.
Aye); Thailand-Japan Research Collaboration Center on Emerging and Re-emerging Infections, Nonthaburi, Thailand (K.
As far as India is concerned, we are faced with the triple burden of communicable diseases, new and re-emerging infections and the increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases.
Novel pandemic influenza viruses and the SARS virus are examples of newly emerging infectious disease, while long-recognized re-emerging infections such as malaria and tuberculosis remain extremely important public-health threats globally.
They discuss emerging and re-emerging infections, avian influenza, the development of infectious disease prophylactics and therapeutics, drug resistance, and topics in immunomodulation, autoimmunity, infections and immunity, and the development of vaccines.
The issue of the environmental causes of emerging and re-emerging infections extends well beyond global climate changes (Morens et al.
In contrast to the "personalized" CryoSeal surgical sealant, the conventional fibrin sealants, which combine 10,000 or more units of plasma, remain vulnerable to new and re-emerging infections.
The IOM report presents a vision and a strategy for control and prevention of emerging and re-emerging infections.
The infection specialist remains at the front line of medical practice, not only for newly emerging diseases, but also due to the worrying occurrence of re-emerging infections.
Emerging diagnostic technologies provide the necessary reconnaissance for antimicrobial weapons to be effective in the battles against emerging and re-emerging infections.
This study was in part supported by the grant for the Research on Emerging and Re-emerging Infections Diseases from the ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.
The new techniques include highly sensitive enzyme electrodes for glucose detection, electrochemical immunoassays for viruses, and nucleic acid tests for the agents of emerging and re-emerging infections that can adversely affect human health world-wide.