Re-Emerging Disease

Any condition, usually an infection, that had decreased in incidence in the global population and was brought under control through effective health care policy and improved living conditions, reached a nadir, and, more recently, began to resurge as a health problem due to changes in the health status of a susceptible population
Examples Cholera, dengue, diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis
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As a scientist who has written more than 10 scientific papers on glanders over the last six years and has given several lectures on this re-emerging disease, I am still puzzled about how it all happened.
Fauci discussed seasonal influenza as a re-emerging disease that changes every year.
Stephanie Schrag, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says estimates of the number of emerging infectious diseases can vary because there's no universal agreement on exactly what constitutes an emerging or re-emerging disease.
These new infections appear in two different ways: either as an emerging disease, one which has been newly identified over the last two decades, or as a re-emerging disease, a known disease which is increasing in incidence and expanding to new geographic areas.
A better understanding of these determinants is essential for our preparedness for the next emerging or re-emerging disease that will inevitably confront us," says Dr.
Of particular current concern are the problems of rapidly developing drug resistance, emerging disease, re-emerging disease, the threat of bioterrorism, and the speed of reaction to the appearance of virulent strains posing pandemic threats.
Gathering data on CDAD based on clinicians' perceptions is an important step in tracking this re-emerging disease.
Effective control of these emerging and re-emerging diseases (and the rodent hosts themselves) requires a full understanding of the parasite-host dynamic.
Occurrence of emerging and re-emerging diseases in the last decade
The WHO website states epidemic-prone diseases, including emerging and re-emerging diseases, constitute the greatest threat to public health security in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
Part 2 addresses observations of infectious and contagious diseases in the environment, with work on vector borne infections, water and air quality, and emerging and re-emerging diseases.