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Maurice, French physician, 1834-1881. See: Raynaud syndrome, Raynaud disease, Raynaud phenomenon, Raynaud sign.
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Maurice Raynaud, Alabama Power lighting services manager, and Aubrey Carter, Selma business office manager, discussed the lighting plan.
Raynaud's phenomenon, first described in the mid-1800s by Maurice Raynaud, is a considered a vascular disease present in 3% to 5% of the general population.
Syndrome de Raynaud complique de gangrene digitale au cours d'un traitement par l'interferon alpha.
For the English translation, Raynaud has added a detailed historical chronicle for the vitalism-organicism controversy between Paris and Montpelier, added a new chapter on al-Samarqandi's native theory of controversies, and elaborated further in his epistemological conclusions to clarify the role of incrementalism in the pursuit of truth.
has taken over Ercuis, a French silverware company established back in 1867 and become the majority shareholder of Raynaud, a porcelain manufacturing company founded in Limoges in 1849, the group said.
He is to report to Eric Raynaud, chief executive of BNP Paribas Asia Pacific.
En 1862, Maurice Raynaud publico la primera descripcion de este fenomeno que se caracteriza por episodios subitos, transitorios y recurrentes de un cambio de coloracion de los dedos de manos, pies, orejas, pezones y nariz, desencadenado por frio o estres emocional (4-5).
She was diagnosed with Raynaud phenomenon, treated with nitro paste applied to the affected area, given oral potassium, and prescribed amlodipine to be administered q day.
El fenomeno de Raynaud es causado por vasoespasmo episodico e isquemia de las extremidades y otras zonas distales en respuesta a estimulos emocionales y al frio.
Highly regarded scientists Jouzel, Lorius, and Raynaud provide a detailed account of the world's frozen regions, such as the Arctic Ocean, the Andes, the Himalayas, and the Greenland ice sheets.
Sundugumuz bu derlemede kalsiyum kanal blokerlerinin Raynaud fenomeni, pernio, kronik anal fissur, vulvodini, keloidler ve yanik izleri, kalsinozis kutis, leiomiyom gibi cesitli dermatolojik hastaliklarin tedavilerindeki kullanimlari degerlendirilecektir.
The White Planet: The Evolution and Future of Our Frozen World by Jean Jouzel, Claude Lorius, and Dominique Raynaud.