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John William Strutt, British physicist and Nobel laureate, 1842-1919. See: Rayleigh equation, Rayleigh test.
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14) Figure 2(b) shows clear Love (top panels) and Rayleigh (bottom panels) wave propagations.
Marcatos and Pericleous have numerically studied the turbulent convection for Rayleigh numbers up [10.
The wavelength dependence of the diffuse fraction follows from the wavelength dependence of the Rayleigh optical depth, with stronger scattering and therefore higher diffuse fraction at shorter wavelengths.
Considering the length of the array (50 m) and the classical single-component approach here adopted (analysis of the vertical component of Rayleigh waves), the obtained [V.
In the scenario 3, the channels between S-R and R-D links are distributed LoS Rician fading and non LoS Rayleigh fading, respectively.
Moreover, the asymptotic normality of the MLE requires the suitable regularity conditions and it is difficult to prove that the regularity conditions are satisfied when the record values are observed from the two-parameter Rayleigh distribution.
1 and 4) and wintertime boundary conditions with different Rayleigh numbers (ranging from [10.
Thus, the amplitude of the signal of narrowband signals can be assumed to be Rayleigh distributed [20].
Only earthquake traces in which there exist well-developed Rayleigh wave trains with a very clear dispersion are considered to ensure the reliability of the results.
Palabras clave: Disco grueso, Rayleigh, frecuencia epiciclica, multipolos.
Subsequently, we verify our derived closed form expressions for Rayleigh fading channels by setting the value of Nakagami fading parameter, m equal to 1.