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John William Strutt, British physicist and Nobel laureate, 1842-1919. See: Rayleigh equation, Rayleigh test.
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in a way that x' attains the smallest possible Rayleigh quotient for all [omega] [member of] R.
The particle motion (ground motion) attributable to the Rayleigh wave is much clearer in Figure 5c than in Figure 3c, which confirms that the observed ellipticity presented in Figure 5b is more reliable than the one presented in Figure 3b.
nf] which is reflected in progressively curved isotherms for higher values of nanofluid Rayleigh number.
Rayleigh eventually spent four years in the Army as a UAS operator, including a year in Iraq.
Also it is assumed that oz being normal to half space and Rayleigh wave propagation in the positive direction of x-axis.
At low frequencies, oceanic radiation travels into the atmosphere where Rayleigh scattering may occur.
Police arrested the man on Sunday in connection with the shooting of 24-year-old commuter, Adam Mapleson, in an armed robbery at Rayleigh, Essex.
Rail commuter Adam Mapleson went to the aid of a woman security guard at Rayleigh, Essex, on Friday morning.
Adam Mapleson, 24, was shot in the chest on Friday as he tried to stop robbers attacking a female security guard at Rayleigh rail station in Essex.
We have developed an undergraduate laboratory experiment to investigate Rayleigh scattering, scattering by particles much smaller than the wavelength of light.