August A., German anatomist, 1841-1917. See: Rauber layer.
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German Archbishop Karl-Joseph Rauber, 80, a former nuncio
The non-voters (over the age of 80) are Archbishop Luigi De Magistris (Italy), Archbishop Karl-Joseph Rauber (Germany), Bishop emeritus Julio Duarte Langa (Mozambique), Archbishop Jose de Jesus Pimiento Rodriguez (Colombia) and Archbishop emeritus Luis Hector Villaba (Argentina).
Local chefs are sharing holiday goodies of their making at six kitchens open to the public: Brett Rauber of the Campbell House at the Wong Kitchen, 1999 Moss St.
Chris Rauber, Shortage of Minority Doctors Proves Hard to
10) The literature abounds with cases of heterogeneity in patterns of productivity over time (Goodwin and Sauer 1995; Grimes and Register 1997; Kelchtermans and Veugelers 2011, 2013; Oster and Hamermesch 1998; Rauber and Ursprung 2008).
46) Birgit Schmidt compares corresponding scenes in I masnadieri and its literary source, Schiller's Die Rauber, in order to illuminate Maffei's efforts to craft a libretto from the idiosyncratically constructed drama.
Rauber LP, Piccolla CD, Andrade AP, Friederichs A, Mafia AL, Correa JC, Albuquerque JA (2012) Physical properties and organic carbon content of a Rhodic Kandiudox fertilized with pig slurry and poultry litter.
Helen Mirra has made work based on his 1925-26 novel Der Rauber (The Robber).
According to the literature [4], Rauber in 1876, made the first systematic investigations into the bone material properties and thereafter lot of biomechanical data related to bone material properties has been published.
Was haben der ruchlosen Fortuna die Rauber, die wilden Tiere, die Knechtschaft, was die wechselvollen Irrgange des beschwerlichen Weges, was die tagliche Todesfurcht gebracht?