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The Design Center combines UML-based modeling and OMG-compliant action specification to generate complete network resident applications directly from models created in Rational Rose or other leading modeling tools.
In addition, IBM's Insurance Industry Architecture features integration with Rational Rose and IBM's San Francisco components currently ships Rational Rose models with the San Francisco Application Framework.
Captions for graphics: Photocaption 1: The LDRA dialog and connector to IBM Rational Rose RealTime is straightforward.
We're very pleased that Rational Rose has received this award from Yphise," said Eric Schurr, chief marketing officer for Rational Software.
Together, MULTI and Rational Rose RealTime Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools greatly simplify the conceptualization, development and deployment of complex embedded applications for a wide range of microprocessors and real-time operating systems.
The International Data Corporation (IDC) has previously recognized Rational Rose as the market-leading Analysis, Modeling and Design Tool (AMD) with a 28.
Rational Rose RealTime is a comprehensive visual development environment that enables developers to design applications using the industry standard UML (Unified Modeling Language), greatly reducing the need to write C or C++ code.
A new integration between Rational Rose RealTime and Rational Test RealTime, which became available in November 2001, provides execution coverage reporting directly from UML models, creating a unique and powerful combination of modeling and target-based testing.
To further improve productivity in e-commerce development, Cerebellum eCom Integrator supports the import of business object models based on UML (unified modeling language), from tools such as Rational Rose.
COBOL Miner Leverages Rational Rose and Accelerates Legacy Migration
Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio RealTime Edition contains Rational's popular development and testing tools - including Rational Rose RealTime 6.
Rational Rose Wins Best Modeling Tool Third Year in a Row