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credit rating,

n the evaluation of a person's responsibility toward meeting financial obligations.
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And that's why studios and investors, even in independent films, really demand of their filmmakers that they get an R rating because they don't want -- nor should they have -- their return limited by a ratings system.
The 3DOIA will begin providing all active licensees with details of the ratings system this month, and it is expected that ratings will begin appearing on software in March.
Additionally, in September 2004, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a national survey of parents that found the ESRB ratings system to be the most useful of all of entertainment rating systems.
I think that they need to blow up the ratings system,'' he said.
11 report charging the movie, music and video game industries with violating their own ratings systems by marketing violent material to children as young as 10.
We look forward to sitting down with the MPAA to help make the ratings system more meaningful to parents and consumers, as well as filmmakers.
The ratings system makes it crystal clear whether or not the content of the video game is appropriate for young children.
There's room for improvement,'' said Richard Taylor, spokesman for the Motion Picture Association of America, whose president, Jack Valenti, oversaw creation of the ratings system.
Burrell will communicate the benefits of Nielsen's Local People Meter (LPM) TV ratings system, which the research company is introducing in major television markets to measure local viewing behavior.
Negotiators for the television industry and family advocacy groups reached an agreement Wednesday night on expanding the industry's 6-month-old ratings system to include code letters for violence, sexual content and foul language, ending more than a year of contentiousness on the subject.
The new television ratings system designed to keep children from watching harmful programs may actually attract them to violent shows, according to a study released Wednesday.