rate equation

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rate e·qua·tion

a mathematical expression for a chemical, radiochemical, or enzyme-catalyzed reaction.
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While the Interest Rate Restrictions Law caps rates at 15 to 20 percent according to loan amounts, the Investment Deposit and Interest Rate Law allows higher rates of up to 29.
According to the updated report, insurance premiums dropped nearly 32% before repeal of the minimum rate law as a result of reductions ordered by regulation and the Legislature.
22, 1994--Following charges last month that the company was violating the workers' compensation minimum rate law and undercutting other insurers, California Compensation Insurance Co.
The measures include abolition of bank privileges that allowed them to impose unfair terms and changing the interest rate law to scrap the banks' right to raise rates unilaterally.
In May 2013, Public Act 98-0015 amended the formula rate law under the EIMA which had the effect of revising Ameren s proposed rate reduction to $37 million.
A chemist who has worked at several drug companies, Stein has come to believe that a conceptual understanding of an enzyme mechanism, independent of any mathematical treatment, allows a more informed use of the mechanism rate law both for experimental design and for data analysis.
i], are obtained using the known steady state concentrations and the appropriate aggregate rate law [14].
Generally, when reaction mechanisms are unknown, the rate law describing a particular chemical reaction can be deduced from experimentally measured time-concentration data for one or all of the reactants [21,22].
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The Interest Rate Restrictions Law caps rates at 20 percent, while the Investment Deposit and Interest Rate Law allows higher rates of up to 29.
Based on the consumption of ITX shown in the HPLC plots, the complete rate law calculated based on the initial rates.
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