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rasas (räˑ·sz),

n.pl in Ayurveda, the six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. These tastes are intimately bound up with doshas, so that individuals crave the tastes they need to restore balance in the doshas. See also doshas.
RasaPredominant mahabhutas
SweetPrithivi and
SourPrithivi and
SaltyJala and
PungentVayu and
BitterVayu and
AstringentVayu and
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It is unclear whether Raso was hit by Abraham's car or nearly missed being hit when she jumped to move out of the cat's path.
Raso may represent a Pyrrhic victory for housing integration, achieved ironically at the expense of some of the most segregated and impoverished communities in this country.
Wolfflinas raso apie ypatybe architekturos kompozicijas pritaikyti matyti rakursu baroko laikotarpiu.
They are so uncertain when they walk through the doors and then I think they are a little overwhelmed," said Raso.
Jay Kaeppel (2009) savo knygoje raso, jog blogu naujienu srautas po penktadienio uzdarymo prisideda prie neigiamos pirmadienio tendencijos.
Raso, kad priemiesciu gyventojai yra vergai is prigimties (seruilis que ingeni), tamsus, tingus, purvini, be laisves troskimo.
We hope that other Rockland businesses will follow the Bank's lead and support the campaign to the fullest extent possible," said Tess McCormack Raso, chair, "Uniting our Community: The Campaign to Build a Hospice Home.
Jupiter Medical Center has launched construction of the Raso Education Center, the initial phase of the medical center's $50 million, three-phase expansion.
Ulijn ir Strother (1995) raso, kad derybos yra procesas, kuriame du ar daugiau subjektu diskutuoja turedami bendru ir (matyt) skirtingu interesu bei tikslu, kad butu galima pasiekti abipusi sutarima ar kompromisa (sutarti), nes jie mato nauda darant tai.
The next step was finding the right balance and range of products and services to offer the celebrities," said Katherine Raso, Director at Aziza Communications, and co-founder of the A-Level Lounge.