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(rä′zēz) or Ra·zi (rä′zē) 865?-925?
Persian physician whose medical writings were a major influence during the Middle Ages.
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It opened the technical bids for the construction of Bisya-Tiwi Jawarr- Al Rasis road in the wilayat of Bahla inthe Governorate of A'Dakhiliyah.
Pastatymo laikmeciu sis objektas vertintas priestaringai, stai Naujojoje Romuvoje (Del Kauno statybos neplaningumo 1939: 527) apie hale buvo rasoma: "Vargu ar rasis kas nors, galis tvirtinti, kad ji butu puosmena".
Papildomi pamatu nuosedziai rasis del slegio i pagrinda padidejimo iskasomis sumazinus pamato atremimo plota ir del padidejusiu itempiu pagilinus pamato pada (9 pav.
MUSICAL CHAIR: Fartown producer Anthony Holroyd with vocalist Rasis Highness, whose album was produced in his studio AC200812Eholr-03
RASIs are beneficial in hypertensive heart disease and by reducing systemic pressure, they cause regression of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and a gradual improvement in diastolic function [14,15].
Ethniko s xedio d rasis gia tin anaparagogiki kai sexoualiki ygeia 2008-2012 [ National action plan for the reproductive and sexual health 2008-2012].
Cronica del moro Rasis (Version del Ajbar muluk al-Andalus de A'mad ibn Mu'ammad ibn Musa al-Razi romanzada para el Rey don Dionis de Portugal hacia 1300 por Mahomad y Gil Perez.
Some of the students who featured were Kyron Caddick, Joshua Harris, Liam Rees, Matthew Griffiths, James Stone, Thomas Harris and Jamie Rasis, Kiya Glanville, Jamie-Lee Cummings, Hannah Harvey, Thomas Ashton, Ryan Newman, Lewis Cummings, Joshua Barker, Crissy Brown Ross Kemp, Gareth Davies, Joshua Cussack and Mike Brown.
between the meridian and a given latitude) for Mesadi 6 rasis in the
7) As well as compiling Remedies for various illnesses, he translated from Arabic into Latin books by the ninth- and tenth-century Persian physicians Rasis and Ibn Masawaih, (8) and wrote two short works of recipes and prognostic signs.
Lee Rasis used racist names and threatened security guard Mark Boston when he was refused alcohol at a Spar store in Cardiff city centre, a court has heard.
In 1971 there appeared a first volume (sadly still the only one to have appeared) of the Castilian version of the Cronica de 1344, edited by Catalan in collaboration with Mafia Soleded de Andres; the same editors were also responsible for an edition of the Cronica del moro Rasis, a source for the former chronicle, and these two volumes formed numbers two and three in the new series 'Fuentes cronisticas de la historia de Espana' (number one being a reprint, with additional introductory material by Catalan promised but still not forthcoming, of Menendez Pidal's Primera Cronica General).