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rare earth,

n metallic elements used in intensifying screens. Also refers to fast-exposure roentgen-ray screen film.
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House on Christmas Eve, Rare Earth Metal Exchange has debts of PS1.
Meanwhile, South Korea's Unification Ministry said South Korea has not sought the joint development of rare earth metals with North Korea, adding that no agreement on such development has ever been reached.
Police also detained three other miners, who confessed they were pouring chemical solutions into holes they dug on a hilltop, which they hoped could bring them rare earth metals.
Prices of rare earth metals have skyrocketed over the last year as China, producer of some 97 percent of the global supply, has repeatedly damped down on exports.
Rare earth metals are part of a group of 17 chemically similar elements found in the earth's crust.
A senior North Korean official of the state natural resource development agency told the newspaper that North Korea was encouraging joint ventures with other countries to develop rare earth metals.
Rare Earth Metals is a well funded company with a focus on exploring for Rare Earth Element deposits.
iNEMI conducted a survey to assess whether a shortage of rare earth metals would affect the electronics industry in the near term.
only uses 5 percent of the world's supply of rare earth metals for defense purposes,5 the fact is that the U.
Rare earth metals are key components in a number of products ranging from flat-screen television panels to hybrid cars, and China's recent curbs on overseas shipments have prompted complaints from foreign high-tech producers.
The United States and other countries are worried that China, which controls 97 percent of the world trade in rare earth metals, will use those supplies as a political weapon and cut back their export when it is in a dispute with another country or to grow China's clean energy technology sector.
Rare earth metals are a collection of 17 chemical elements that are key to the production of a long list of modern-day technologies.