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rare earth,

n metallic elements used in intensifying screens. Also refers to fast-exposure roentgen-ray screen film.
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There are tell-tale signs on whether rare earth metals may be present at depth, like certain minerals on the surface.
Major extracts from the Table of Content of Rare Earth Metals Market, 2016-2022 report:
The company has proprietary technologies to process rare earth metals in an environmentally sustainable manner at low cost, according to the release.
Strategic Rare Earth Metals said that the acquisition will immediately enhance the profitability outlook for the company and is projected to generate over USD 5m in revenue for fiscal 2015.
Valuable metals called rare earth metals are dug up from large tracts of land.
was joined last year by several other organizations to form the trade exchange for rare earth metals.
JMC) to jointly pursue the reuse of a rare earth metal extracted from nickel-metal hydride batteries in hybrid vehicles for magnets of new hybrid vehicle motors.
Currently, almost all the world's rare earth metals are mined in China, so the discovery of a huge new deposit in Greenland is significant.
TOKYO - A law was created Friday with the aim of expanding the recycling of rare earth metals from used mobile phones and other electronic devices.
South Korea held two rounds of secret talks with North Korea at Pyongyang's request late last year on joint development of rare earth metals in the North, a Seoul daily reported Monday.
said Wednesday it will start manufacturing nickel hydride batteries by year-end using rare earth metals it has begun recovering from batteries in used hybrid cars.
The contract has been signed to set up a process to extract rare earth metals from used parts in Honda products, in a mass-production process at a recycling plant.