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Henry, 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Rappaport classification.
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After 15 years of caring for children at traditional practices, with continually expanding patient panels and rushed visits, this August, Jessica Rappaport, MD, opened the doors to her own pediatrics concierge practice in suburban Chicago.
The continued drop in energy prices has given seniors room to absorb costs is other expenditures," said H Craig Rappaport, creator of the Rappaport Retirement Index and President of Rappaport Wealth Management.
Synopsis: "If Jack Had" by Steve Rappaport is a dark, ironic, tale of duality and dying, as well as a story of fathers and sons.
Retail broker Steve Rappaport recently closed on a deal to lease the space at 21 Seventh Avenue to Dogma, a doggie day care and grooming service.
5 million in financing for Rappaport to acquire the newly constructed CVS in Tysons Corner, Virginia, located at the corner of Leesburg Pike (Route 7) and Gallows
For the suicide bomber problem we need a high performance radar system that can send out very specific types of signals a half a football field away and identify specific features under clothing," Carey Rappaport, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northeastern University, said in a statement.
We welcome the remarks of van Tongeren and Cherrie regarding our recent editorial (Lioy and Rappaport 2011) and see no particular differences in our positions.
Pugh, chief operating officer of The Rappaport Companies.
In the paintings of Noam Rappaport, the canvas assumes a character of its own, becoming an ingredient with weight equal to that of any other.
Rappaport (psychiatry, Harvard Medical School) shares her quest to understand her mother's suicide and cope with her half-sister's mental illness, and how her family history has affected her life and practice with patients.
To find the evidence, Helen Rappaport delved deep into books, papers and obscure journals.
Armands was developed by John Ringling," explains Marry Rappaport, chairman of the St.