Black Talon Bullet

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A line of ammunition produced by Winchester in the 1990s for the most common calibers of guns, and primarily for law enforcement and self-defense, which exhibited extreme expansion when impacting soft targets (flesh)
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Winchester Ranger SXT 230 grain is a high-tech hollowpoint drawing some of its advanced design from the notorious (dare we breathe the word?
The new Platinum Tip bullet design is derived from Winchester's original Ranger SXT law-enforcement handgun bullet, now re-engineered and refined for specific hunting applications.
Ranger SXT were fired through the Kimber Custom II pistols.
Also, as the policy is simply Winchester's and not law (unless you live in some backwards place like New Jersey) you can buy the renamed equivalent: the Ranger SXT or T series.
She stokes it with Winchester's 127-grain +P+ Ranger SXT load, which will easily stop a rabid fox or bad guy in his tracks, yet it barely kicks at all in a full-size 1911.
357 SIG, particularly those with the bonded Gold Dot jackets or the fairly secure, controlled expansion reverse taper jackets of the Winchester Ranger SXT used by Secret Service, are more likely to stay in one piece.
I ran the 230-grain Ranger SXT loads through two different .
At 1070 fps, two 127-grain +P+ Winchester Ranger SXT JHPs slammed into Dailey's chest only four inches apart.
As the front sight of the Beretta found the man's chest and Richardson pressed the trigger three times, a storm of Winchester Ranger SXT 1.
In a mere one second, four 180-grain Winchester Ranger SXT JHPs slammed into Parker's chest, shredding his heart, lungs, spleen and part of his liver, killing him instantly.
The Winchester Ranger SXT unseated the Federal Hydra-Shok as America's Police Bullet.
At 920 fps, two 230-grain Winchester Ranger SXT JHPs slammed into his chest.