stochastic process

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sto·chas·tic pro·cess

a process that incorporates some element of randomness.
[G. stochastikos, pertaining to guessing, fr. stochazomai, to guess]
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Table 1 provides the distribution information of the random variables and velocity random process.
Therefore solution of this problem was the technique of statistically optimal synthesis feature is the expansion of a random process load on average [bar.
In the first step, the data was managed in a presence/absence matrix, to apply a null model for species occurrence with the objective of determining the potential effects of random process as regulator factors of species associations (Tondoh, 2007; Tiho and Johens, 2006) and to this end, it was applied using the following simulations: fixed-fixed; fixed-equiprobable and fixed-proportional (Tondoh, 2006; Tiho and Johens, 2007).
After substituting into equation (12) we obtain expression of random process intensity:
The Ito-integral of any (simple) random process on any finite interval of a time scale [0,t] [intersection] T, with the assumption that 0, t [member of] T, is given by
1 and above mentioned correlation interval, we can argue that the random process with the high self-similarity degree has the higher correlation ("long memory") and, consequently, correlation interval is higher than the process with low self-similarity property.
These proteins arrange themselves into an orderly ring by a random process of searching, grabbing, and pulling each other, scientists have discovered.
The output power of wind power plants is treated as a non-stationary random process.
4 with many enhancements including a new Flexible Flaw Detection (FFD) tool that provides reliable inspection results despite random process variations.
The show, called Random Process, explores his diverse use of fine art processes.
Indeed, paraphrasing the explanations in these papers, in many such problems, the first order asymptotic of a random process [X.
He said: "This random process resulted in people being picked from a whole array of professions from desk jobs to manual work.