stochastic process

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sto·chas·tic pro·cess

a process that incorporates some element of randomness.
[G. stochastikos, pertaining to guessing, fr. stochazomai, to guess]
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Some responses included characteristics of a random process such as "things that happen in no pattern or order" or "you choose jelly beans from a packet and don't know which one you'll get--nothing influences your choice.
Countering critics who consider combinatorial techniques a random process, Georgia Tech points out that Meredith uses predictive models and previous data to help select material combinations to screen.
Evolution should not be seen simply as a random process of change but rather as the process by which life as a whole seeks continuity and stability through the myriad of changes.
A similar process may be occurring with more complex organisms such as plants and this too would be a natural and random process in which the mechanism is provided by virus transduction.
Alternatively, when a first-principles model is unavailable or intractable or when initial conditions are not accessible, then the dynamics can be modelled as a random process, using nondeterministic and stochastic, though typically linear laws of motion.
The key difference between statistical samples and others is that statistical samples are selected using a random process.
From this very simple in-going assumption, it is deduced that the PK effect at the run level is maximized when the variance of the underlying random process is maximal.
The whole process of free radical damage is a random process,'' he said.
A common cause is a source of random process variations that affects all the individual values of the process.
Whitmire, a Houston Democrat, said he was nonetheless pleased with the compromise, noting it still makes juror selection a more random process.
This is a random process, wherein the axle is possible only replacing a conventional beam spots.