random assignment

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the selection of something for a specific purpose.
random assignment in a research study, the assignment of subjects to experimental (treatment) or control groups in such a way that each member of a sample has an equal chance of being assigned to a particular group. Random assignment ensures that the groups will be as alike as possible at the beginning of the study. Called also randomization.

random assignment,

n a method of allotting membership in research groups that tends to factor out any confounding variables so that any remaining differences can be attributed to the variable being researched.


unplanned, without direction or purpose.

random assignment
random mating
where each member of the population has an equal opportunity of mating with every member of the opposite sex.
random numbers
a list of numbers obtained by a standard randomization procedure; used commonly to select individual animals from a pack.
random sample
see random sample.
random sampling
a procedure for selecting units from a group in such a way that each unit has an equal chance of being selected in the sample.
random selection
selection in such a way as to produce a random sample.
random variable
a group or quantity that takes various values, each with varying probabilities.
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Also notice the random placement of the sections and Nine Patches in Wendy's quilt.
Fig 7 shows the minimization of time by the random placement of sensor nodes.
As the movie opens, the university is moving to a random placement policy for student housing, which will break up the traditionally "black" residence hall.
Random placement and special external aluminum profiles.
Notwithstanding your editorial philosophy of objectifying women through the random placement of computer equipment on their bodies, does it ever occur to you that females like technology too?
The seemingly random placement of the old buildings on different terraces of a steep hillside turned the area into a "no man's land,'' in terms of security, according to Lee.
Ee Random order: An electron microscope shows the random placement of silver nanowires that are spread out to make the transparent conductive films.
However, each play is unique because of the randomness of the pictures chosen in the level, the randomness of the picture order, and the random placement of the answers.
According to [8] the ratio of expected maximum client-replica distance between optimal and random placement increases logarithmically.
What does not work is inconsistency, massive lists of course activities, and random placement of content that differs among courses and sections.
I've taken to referring to the X as the Random Placement Theory of Decoy Arrangement because that's what it is--random.
Random placement of the billboards will adversely affect the beauty of the emirate, he added.