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random number generator,

n a specific kind of random event generator that uses an electronic circuit to produce a random string of numbers. Such circuits are useful in studying mind-matter interactions. See also mind-matter interactions and random event generator.
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Figure 2 is showing the three movements that happen once the node across the border(s) generated by the custom random generator.
In the experiment, it was theorized that the superposition of the random events would have remained in an indeterminate state until the students viewed the feedback--their intention skewing the results of the random generator, backward in time.
We assume that the nodes have at their disposal some independent random generators providing uniform random values on [0, 1].
The use of prerecorded random numbers makes the procedure easily replicable even by researchers who do not have a true random generator available, because one can download the required random numbers from the Internet (http://www.
In following the procedure for each unit, the experimenter used a true random generator to record the random bit-sequences for the 100 blocks on floppy disk.
One might want to say that the random generator "senses" that a subject will later make a PK effort, and behaves accordingly.
In particular, if the true random generator based on electronic noise were to break down, getting stuck, for example, in one position, there would still be no bias that could simulate a PK effect in the b bits.
Online users load asynchronously generated random generators in the range from 0 to 100% in 10%, a maximum of 2 kW for each line.
Niederreiter [82] shows that they behave very much like truly random generators with respect to discrepancy.
In 1996 Andrecut [36] suggested a method for designing a random number generator based on logistic map and also compared the congruential random generators, which are periodic, with the logistic random number generator, which is infinite and aperiodic.