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According to Young, Rand treated political and ideological debates as "wars with no innocent bystanders, and the dehumanization of 'the enemy' reaches levels reminiscent of communist or fascist propaganda.
Rand McNally Media Services, which has facilities in Fremont, Calif.
UANI, therefore, has called on Ingersoll Rand to disclose the full nature and extent of its activities in and the inherent risks of doing business in Iran.
Rand had initially been interviewed by the executive search firm as part of its list of candidates in July when Avis relaunched the search only to suspend it three weeks later.
Rand McNally, founded in 1856, is privately held and based in the Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois.
Rand did claim to be in favor of "benevolence," in contrast to altruism; but it would be fruitless to look for providers of private charitable aid among her "good guys," except for those who lend a helping hand to a friend.
Though the collection includes only two essays by Rand - contrary to the author credit (and one, ``An Answer for Businessmen,'' is very short) - only a book based on Rand's ideas could promote profit on principle, include an essay titled ``Why Businessmen Should Be Honest'' and advocate the morality of self-interest.
Feinberg, president of Rand McNally Publishing Group, who is attending this week's fair, the Rand World Database will be an invaluable resource to publishers of dictionaries, textbooks, reference books, travel guides, encyclopedias and others.
Instrum Rand will operate as part of Ingersoll Rand's Industrial Technologies Sector.
suggests a thorough, feverish immersion in both the history of American comic books and the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
Working on the film in a two-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood, near where Rand had lived on Norton Avenue, Paxton found the experience strenuous, exhilarating - and, ultimately, rewarding.
May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- At Rand McNally's board of directors meeting on May 25, Andrew McNally IV, 53, will become chairman of the board at the suburban Chicago-based company and will continue as chief executive officer.