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Conrad, German surgeon, 1867-1962. See: Ramstedt operation, Fredet-Ramstedt operation.
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Presenter Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CAS, of Ramstedt Enterprises, Inc.
Getting glamorous for a special occasion is supposed to be fun and doesn't need to be stressful," said Stacey Ramstedt, Senior Director of Marketing, EcoTools.
2011a; Nordstrom and Ramstedt 2005; Polednak 2012), and traffic crashes (Gruenewald and Ponicki 1995).
Lynsey Ramstedt tweeted: "Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, yessss.
The definite treatment for infantile pyloric stenosis is corrective surgical intervention with a Ramstedt pyloromyotomy (Aspelund and Langer, 2007).
The much vaunted Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana--responsibility for maintaining balanced relationships between the tripartite spiritual, social and environmental domains--was supposed to be the fundamental planning principle supporting the unique character of Bali's culture and an underlying policy commitment to appropriate forms of cultural tourism (Picard 1996; Propinsi Bali 1995; Ramstedt 2009).
Scandic has developed a "Blogger's Inn" room at Scandic Grand Central, with the help of Frida Ramstedt of design blog Trendenser.
I am personally confident that in the end the Altaic comparisons of Ramstedt and Poppe will be largely vindicated.
For example, Ramstedt and Hope compared Irish drinking with drinking in six European nations measured in the ECAS (Ramstedt & Hope, 2003).
While liver disease is not an ACSC, liver disease mortality provides a control for rates of heavy alcohol consumption (Parrish and Dufour 1991; Ramstedt 2001, 2003).
Baier, Martin 2004 Review of Hinduism in Modern Indonesia by Martin Ramstedt.
Ramstedt ist der Begrunder der komparativen und deskriptiven Mongolistik, der zahlreise Reisen nach Sibirien unternommen hatte.