surname of an English surgery technician in the 1880's.
Rampley sponge-holding forceps
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Marcus Rampley, MD of Fugro GeoServices, said: Our group delivers an amazing range of services to many sectors; we drill some of the biggest diameter holes in the ocean floor and test the foundations of the world s tallest buildings, we inform the designers of offshore wind projects, tunnels and pipelines and we measure, test and monitor existing infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.
Heritage, Ideology and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe: Contested Pasts, Contested Presents, edited by Matthew Rampley.
Chrys Rampley, of the Road Haulage Association, said: "They tend to strike when the driver is asleep.
Pervert Kim Rampley, 57, recommended HMP Whatton in Nottingham as the best place for seeing engines from behind bars.
Addressing this last question, Matthew Rampley (2005: 542) and Jeremy Tanner and Robin Osborne (2007: 2-3, 12) have provided the following answer: art differs by virtue of its power of fascination.
Chrys Rampley, of the Road Haulage Association, said: "Before now it's been very hard to decipher whether a haulier caused a crash or not - but this kind of footage can prove their innocence straight away.
Road Haulage Association spokesperson Chrys Rampley agreed: "Sat navs are wonderful for drivers in unfamiliar territory but they still need to pay attention to the environment and road signs around them.
HAPPY DAY: Margaret and Bryan Elliott with their best man Bob Harrison, centre, and bridesmaid Jacqueline Rampley.
Rampley Scrooge, which he says has to be endured from time to time.
Kevin Rampley, trailer/refrigeration manager at Turners, said: "We opted for the Tempscan units to help our drivers easily monitor the temperature while on the move.
Chrys (CORRECT) Rampley manager of security for the Road Haulage Association said she remained to be convinced about the technology and suggested that vehicles may have to carry a warning to thieves saying the fuel has been marked.