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(rä-môN′), Gaston Léon 1886-1963.
French bacteriologist who in 1936 discovered a method of producing toxoids, leading to the development of vaccinations against diphtheria and tetanus.
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Thirty years ago Ramon Gallegos, William Shaw, George W.
Madre de Dios,' he said, 'comes now the soul of Ramon Gallegos.
I straightened the limbs of Ramon Gallegos and put a handkerchief over his face.
I laid them beside Ramon Gallegos and covered their faces.
That poniard must have been made by Ramon de Hoces the Sevillian," said Sancho.
I do not know," said Don Quixote; "it could not have been by that poniard maker, however, because Ramon de Hoces was a man of yesterday, and the affair of Roncesvalles, where this mishap occurred, was long ago; but the question is of no great importance, nor does it affect or make any alteration in the truth or substance of the story.
Vita is the doyenne of the influential Finale Art File gallery and is widely known as one of Ramon Villegas' closest allies.
In a disturbing incident, a boxing coach, Ramon Sosa, 50, had staged his own death in 2015 with the help of police.
Aqui los conocian como Ramon Alberto Guerra Valencia y Patricia Marcela Fernandez Garcia.
Albert Ramon has been appointed chief meteorologist at KVUE in Austin, Texas.
Sarita's youngest brother, Ramon, who was just a kindergartener, asked as he walked up behind her.