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(rä′mät-tsē′nē), Bernardino 1633-1714.
Italian physician who was a pioneer in the field of occupational medicine. In 1700 he published the first systematic study connecting the environmental hazards of specific professions to disease, such as lead exposure in potters and painters.
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Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini Imeri of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, told CNS before the hearing that his consciousness was first raised on extractive issues 10 years ago when he was bishop of San Marcos, Guatemala.
She established a company, Ramazzini, named after the pioneering 17th century Italian occupational health physician Bernadino Ramazzini.
Un preludio al nuovo modo di considerare il lavoro lo vedremo nel Settecento quando il medico Bernardino Ramazzini si occupera delle malattie causate dal lavoro in un'opera, De morbis artificum (1700), ritenuta il primo testo di "medicina del lavoro".
Importantly, the authors also reference previous work by the European Ramazzini Foundation, whose findings are controversial and not based in sound science.
Bernardo Ramazzini, the Italian physician known as "the father of occupational medicine," who in the early 1700s described breast cancer as "an occupational disease of nuns.
Scientists at the Ramazzini Institute of Oncology in Italy, after nine years of aspartame testing on rats, believe it to be a carcinogen and that it affects the foetus.
Since the 17th century, when Italian physician Bernardino Ramazzini pioneered the field of occupational medicine, researchers lnave looked to the workplace for advance warning of new illnesses.
Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini, the most senior bishop of Guatemala, who is recognized globally for his defense of the poor and vulnerable, attended the event, as did General Consul Carlos Escobedo and Lt.
What can a priest say," asks Guatemalan bishop Alvaro Ramazzini, "to a family ill with HIV-AIDS for whom the generic antiretroviral medicines forbidden by CAFFA's rules are the only hope?
On 31 March 2008 a nun in the city of SanMarcos was stopped while driving her car by unknown individuals who usedthreatening behaviour and demanded that she deliver a death threat toMonsignor Álvaro Ramazzini, Bishop of San Marcos.
FDA said that it had completed its own independent review into the findings of the European Ramazzini Foundation, which had found some major shortcomings in the study, including its design, the way it was conducted, reported and interpreted.