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Chandrasekhara V., Indian physicist and Nobel laureate, 1888-1970. See: Raman effect, Raman spectrum.
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Speaking to M AIL T ODAY , a senior BCCI official said that Raman had no option but to resign after the newly- elected president had asked the IPL COO to ensure a respectable exit, rather than a forced one.
Coupled with the fact that Raman has managed to attempt and pass all of his papers in the first attempt which in itself is a commendable achievement.
Raman Kuppuswamy had all along been offering his contents through other employers.
ChemImage Corporation, a leader in hyperspectral and Raman chemical imaging technology provides innovative instrumentation, analysis software, contract services and expert consulting to government, industrial and academic organizations.
By enabling analysis performed at the point of need, handheld Raman devices deliver accurate identification and results in seconds.
The applications for Raman spectroscopy go far beyond analyzing paintings and include the pharmaceutical, materials science and nanotechnology sectors, among others.
Raman said she was drawn to Covington by its reputation and the breadth of its trial, white collar, and other litigation work.
Asked about the wealth of all-rounders in the team, Raman said: "All-rounders are always of great help in this format as multi-dimensional cricketers are extremely useful.
In the last section of this second chapter, Raman questions and problematizes the reductive nature of the self-other binary as a descriptive paradigm for describing identity formation.
Raman dyes are used in SERS, and they have a number of advantages over fluorescent sensing tags that make them well suited for multiplexing.
One evening at Geneina Theater, like a many-headed Indian deity, Susheela Raman showed her many facets.
More than 3,000 students from four houses - Aryabhatta, C V Raman, J C Bose and Vikram Sarabhai - named after eminent Indian scientists, took part in the preliminaries held over the past three weeks for stage, non-stage and group events.