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Chandrasekhara V., Indian physicist and Nobel laureate, 1888-1970. See: Raman effect, Raman spectrum.
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Confocal Raman Spectrometer, Optical System with High Spectral Transparency Optimized for 300-2000 nm or Wider Range, Fixed Optical Microscope, Fixed Geometry,
Most recently, Raman has served as the CFO for Shapiro & Duncan, a large mechanical contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Working with qawwalis on her 2013 album, Queen Between, was rewarding, says Raman, although initially difficult.
For Raman spectra analysis, oligonucleotides were dissolved in DNase- and RNase-free water at 100 pmol/L.
In the simulation design the bidirectional fiber model is adopted as a Raman gain medium.
People then rushed them to nearby Rockland Hospital where Raman succumbed to his injuries.
Tornado Spectral Systems will be giving a presentation entitled, "HTVS - Taking Raman by Storm" during the Vendor Hot Topics session on Sunday, September 18th at 5:20 PM.
Coupled with the fact that Raman has managed to attempt and pass all of his papers in the first attempt which in itself is a commendable achievement.
By enabling analysis performed at the point of need, handheld Raman devices deliver accurate identification and results in seconds.
In this case, Raman spectroscopy provided a very rapid screening test for melamine-adulterated dried milk [7, 10].
Using precisely controlled gold nano particles, Ocean Optics SERS substrates amplify very weak Raman signals by many orders of magnitude.
This leap in accuracy is the result of a marriage between AFM and Raman spectroscopy.