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abbreviation for random-access memory.


male, entire sheep which has attained sexual maturity at about the age of 6 months.

ram effect
introduction of a ram into a flock of non-pregnant ewes in the period between deep anestrus and the commencement of the breeding season tends to advance the onset of estrus and enhances its synchronization.
ram epididymitis
ram mating harness
leather or webbing harness worn around the forequarters and carrying a marking crayon or paint pad on the brisket to mark the rumps of ewes that have been mated.
stud ram
pedigree ram used to mate with purebred ewes.
teaser ram
vasectomized ram. See also teaser.
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Several devotees would visit sacred places like Ayodhya, the birthplace of Rama and Rameshwaram among others to seek blessings from the Lord.
Sugriva carried the message of Vibhishana to Rama and conveyed his deep suspicions as well.
Hindus celebrate the return of Rama and Sita from the forest as they were exiled for 14 years.
as it has no capacity" to carry out such a task, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told reporters.
His counterpart Alajdin Demiri said that the meetings of Rama with the state leadership and Albanian leaders at first sight seemed as part of the protocol but they raised certain dilemmas.
Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao was born on May 28,1923 and died on January 18, 1996.
RAMNAVMI is dedicated to the memory of Lord Rama who is worshipped for his righteous reign.
The iconic presence of Rama has a resonance that reverberates through all the layers of contemporary life and thought in India.
Albania's socialist opposition leader Edi Rama said on May 24 that he would formally challenge a decision by election authorities to reverse the results of local elections and name government-backed candidate Lulzim Basha as Tirana's new mayor.
Edi Rama became Tirana's mayor in 2000 and he won the World Mayor contest in 2004.
Thus, in the eighth part of the day, did Rama with his arrows like flames of fire single-handedly annihilate the forces of the raksasas, .
Police Chief John Domm is looking forward to contributing to the efforts of the Rama Police Service.