Ram's Horn

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A popular term for the most extreme of cutaneous horn, which can simulate the horns of ungulate ruminants and big African game
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After the paint dries, hand-stitch on the ram's horns and dog's ears.
Celebrating the Jewish New Year, students at Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School got to feel and hear the significance of the High Holy Days by making a shofar - a ram's horn sounded to usher in the new year.
We have him as a fairly traditional guy - ram's horns, cloven feet, sits on a throne of skulls,'' says Naha.
From there I could see just the tops of the big ram's horns, 40 yards from me.
Two shofars - ram's horns that are typically blown at the beginning of the Jewish new year - were sounded to mark the start of the ceremony.
This scholar noted that Jewish translations usually rendered shofar as horn or ram's horn, while non-Jewish translations used trumpet.