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character in Old Testament of the Bible who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy.
Cain complex - hatred of a brother due to envy or jealousy. Synonym(s): brother complex
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Whether or not Raising Cain is really best described as history, it is fascinating and provocative reading.
North East band Raising Cain will be making their first appearance at Ashington FC this Friday (7.
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So even though he occasionally serves up a turkey - Body Double and Raising Cain spring to mind, the latter featuring John Lithgow hamming it up abysmally - I usually find something wacko enough to enjoy.
Suddenly the actor best known for playing the psychotic bad guy in such movies as Ricochet, Cliffhanger and Raising Cain is a hit in his hilarious role as the pompous leader of a group of aliens posing as humans.
Michael Thompson, bestselling author of Raising Cain, Jenny Rosenstrach, food blogger and author of Dinner: A Love Story and Pamela Redmond Satran, baby naming expert behind the popular website Nameberry.