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A regional street term for depressants
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The Rainbows claim they have no formal organization and no leaders, that the entire event is nothing more than a "tribal anarchy" run through spontaneous order.
Rainbows in New York City meet weekly for potluck dinners and drum circles in area parks, and similar gatherings take place in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other cities.
Every day around twilight, thousands of hungry Rainbows would gather in the meadow and arrange themselves in concentric circles.
While the kitchens provided most of the food themselves, the Rainbows also organized a "magic hat" parade, a small band of still more volunteers that tramped around the circle singing the magic hat song while everyone but the Drainbows donated what they could to the cause.
While the Rainbows do an impressive job of guiding their anarchic community through the various hardships of living outdoors, the going isn't always smooth.
The large circle included scores of Rainbows displaying everything from beads and handmade crafts to psychedelic mushrooms and rolling papers.
But, who knows, maybe someday the Southland will become a blue-ribbon destination for trout anglers eager to hook into our hardy rainbows.
Photo (1--color) Alaska rainbow Mulchatna River (2--color) Local rainbow Big Tujunga Canyon (3--color) Montana rainbow Madison River Joe Contaldi Daily News Drawing (1--color) Common Rainbows are heavily dotted and named for the red pigmentation over the lateral line.
When you dip your lines into area creeks and rivers you may just be luring a new subspecies of trout, a rainbow that has broken from the evolutionary ladder and formed aseparate, distinctive lineage.
Brilliant red pigmentation over the lateral line (how the rainbow get its moniker), heavily spotted from tip to tail, red and white patterns on the leading edges of the lower fins and those gorgeous parr marks.
Closer inspection reveals that the local rainbow has a paler abdomen and is more uniformly spotted than the golden, with its remarkable red or yellow belly.
PHOTO (Color) Rainbow flags flap in the breeze at a Newhall Land office in Valencia.