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A regional term for LSD
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NASCAR does indeed have an internship geared toward minority athletes, and Rainbow Sports has been involved in that from the beginning.
One of the few unusual features of Camp Rainbow, aside from the medical center outfitted with chemotherapy equipment, is the amount of rest the campers get.
Rainbow eSecurity's core products are market leaders which allow Rainbow the opportunity to market a complete client/server and software security solution to customers who recognize that security is a strategic investment that protects business-critical information and applications," said Shawn Abbott, president, Rainbow eSecurity.
While many older attendees have families and full-time jobs in the outside world, the younger generation tends to live the Rainbow life all year.
The brilliant, multicolored arc of a rainbow represents the combined effect of reflections within innumerable raindrops.
With the transition from Mag Rack to LIFESKOOL, and the addition of MUSICSKOOL, Rainbow Media plans to continue expanding the On Demand "SKOOL" brand to be a resource for instruction on a wide variety of areas.
I had rainbow sheets when I was a kid,'' Horn said.
In making the announcement, Kofalt said, "These moves will allow Rainbow to operate as an independent company with its own senks in the nineties.
With the opening of the Rainbow Apartments, Skid Row Housing Trust is once again demonstrating that we can work in partnership to create housing for the homeless.
Brilliant red pigmentation over the lateral line (how the rainbow get its moniker), heavily spotted from tip to tail, red and white patterns on the leading edges of the lower fins and those gorgeous parr marks.
Craig joined Rainbow in 1989 as vice president, business development.
Just as owners Jerry Greenberg and Bob Greenberg are seeking the next Vegas based superstar band in that contest, the restaurant is looking for one lucky young lady to become the face of The Rainbow Bar & Grill.