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Medtalk A series of a similar thing. See Spike train.


To participate in a special program of instruction to attain competence in a certain occupation.

Patient discussion about train

Q. i want to run a 5k. how should i train?

A. first of all- congratulations! way to go! pick a target and stick to it!
now, it really depends on your abilities now. start running 1k. see how long it takes you. then try it again 3-4 times see that your time is getting better. then do a 1.5k, do that 3-4 times too. then 1.750 and from now on every 2-3 runs go up in 250 m. but you should run no more no less then 3 times a week. don't forget stretching after and warm up. good luck!!

Q. Is strength training safe for children? Hi friends, this is my 4th question in this community. Here is my next one: I've always heard that resistance training will ''stunt a child's growth.'' Now, I hear it may be advisable for children to strength train. Is strength training safe for children?

A. well said above. i share the same sentiments.

Q. Does anyone have any ideas on how to potty train autistic boys? My son will be 5 in august and only goes #1 in the toilet, we've tried bribary, sitting on the toilet for at least an hour and no luck, hoping someone has some helpful information.

A. Here you can find an interview with a specialist about this subject along with other videos about it.

You can also try the Autism community here:

Good luck!

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The biggest treat of all was on Grand National race day, when the Overhead Railway trains would leave their usual route and travel all the way to Aintree.
Railway train guards may also be known as conductors, customer service inspectors or train managers.
Located directly across the street from the Railway train station, Skyview at Carriage City Plaza is convenient to Manhattan, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and the Meadowlands Sports Complex.
A man became involved in a fight with another passenger on a Japan Railway train to a Tokyo suburb Wednesday evening and used what is thought to be a tear gas spray before fleeing when the train stopped, leaving several passengers in need of hospital treatment for sore eyes and throats, police said.
20am Great Western Railway train from Cheltenham lost half of its carriages on July 8,1851.
Visitors have a chance to spend a day with relatives of famous Herriot vet Alf Wight, firstly touring the centre before taking a vintage coach to Leeming Bar to catch the Wensleydale Railway train into the Dales.
The operations later this year of the Scenic Railway Train is expected to boost on-shore activities by wooing cruise ships back to St.
Yet if there was a single phenomenon that symbolised the divide between old and new for the Victorians, it was the railway train.
I boarded a Long Island Railway train for a sedate suburb of Long Island, where I had been living with the family of a woman I was seeing.
This was the second explosion in a Pakistan Railway train in less then 24 hours.
Appearing and disappearing at regular intervals, a model railway train chugs its way around, tooting occasionally, only to arrive at the same place again and again.
Ffestiniog Railway train heading |for Blaenau Ffestiniog across the Cob at Porthmadog