fission product

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fis·sion prod·uct

an atomic species produced in the course of the fission of a larger atom such as 235U.

fis·sion prod·uct

(fish'ŭn prod'ŭkt)
An atomic species produced in the course of the fission of a larger atom such as 235U.
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Jason Kitten, President of Manhattan Isotope Technology added, "the MIT staff brings the relevant experience in working with radioactive products and will continue with the production capabilities developed at Crown Point with indium and its target material cadmium.
Sana'a, Dec 20 (ANI): A senior Yemeni government official had told US diplomats that poor security at the country's main store of radioactive products could give terrorists an easy access to dangerous materials, according to the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks'.
Invitation to tender relates to - Radioactive products or similar products (including Licenced products)- Manufacture of mastics / reconstitution of radioactive drugs bring.
Using its proprietary ion implantation and thin film coating technologies, Implant also manufactures and markets radioactive and non- radioactive products for medical use.
ID 15F134 - Open procedure electronically to supply three years of radioactive products in vitro and service of instrumentation.
Collection service transportation and disposal of medical waste and radioactive products at facilities ASL TO, Order of the AO and Mauritian AOU San Luigi Gonzaga.
As Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents demonstrate, significant release of radioactive products into the environment can cause severe consequences both for people~s health and the country~s economy.
developers of autologous glues and sealants; Implant Sciences Corporation, manufacturers of radioactive products for cancer therapy and cardiovascular applications; Interpore Cross International, producers of synthetic bone graft material, autologous growth factors & spinal implants; Islet Sheet Medical, makers of a thin-sheet bio-artificial pancreas; Islet Technology, Inc.
creators of the bioartificial liver; CytoTherapeutics, innovators of cell-based therapeutics; Tutogen Medical, creators of biomaterials for use in tissue repair and reconstruction; and Implant Sciences Corporation, makers of radioactive products for cancer therapy and cardiovascular applications.
This agreement combines Zeneca's extensive experience in the oncology and urology marketplace with Amersham's successful track record for radioactive products.

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