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1. the number of occurrences of a periodic or recurrent process in a unit of time, such as the number of electrical cycles per second measured in hertz. In cardiac pacing terminology, frequency is expressed by the formula: frequency = ½ × pulse width.
2. the number of occurrences of a particular event or the number of members of a population or statistical sample falling in a particular class.
radio frequency the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation between 10 kilohertz and 100 gigahertz, used for radio communication.
relative frequency the ratio of the number of occurrences of a specified phenomenon in a population to the total size of the population.
urinary frequency urination at short intervals without increase in daily volume of urinary output, due to reduced bladder capacity or cystitis.

radio frequency

An MRI term for an electromagnetic wave with a frequency in the same range as that used for transmitting radio and television signals. The RF pulses used in MRI are usually in the 1–100 megahertz range, which cause heating of a structure or tissue due to RF pulse absorption.
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One of the key functions of the Radiocommunication Bureau is to develop and implement, through established processes with member states, regulations, standards and coordination procedures for the global management of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbit resources.
MANAMA: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) organised and hosted a meeting with all the parties concerned with the planning and allocation of the radio frequency spectrum in the kingdom.
An MVNO provides mobile telephone services but does not have its own allocation of the radio frequency spectrum or infrastructure required to provide the service.
With an emphasis on three distinct problems--fixed-site antennas, radiowave propagation, and small antennas proximate to the body--12 chapters cover topics including: historical perspectives, radio communication channel, radio frequency spectrum, receiver sensitivity and transmitted fields, loops and patch antennas, and simulated human body devices, among others.
Abstract: Traditional regulatory arrangements have constrained access to radio frequency spectrum.
Grimes has directed the director of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to establish the Defense Spectrum Organization as a center of excellence for radio frequency spectrum analysis, planning, and support.
teaming up with Robyn, a former special assistant to the president for economic policy in the Clinton administration, analyze and compare two alternative methods for governing the radio frequency spectrum in the United States: a market approach that treats licensed access to the spectrum as private property and an unlicensed commons approach.
This portion of the radio frequency spectrum has been authorized by the Federal Communications Commission for wireless point-to-point commercial use.
The commission focused on one problem--the shortage of radio frequency spectrum dedicated to public safety--and failed to address the bigger picture, he said.
The electromagnetic radio frequency spectrum is critical to the development and operation of a variety of military systems such as radios, radars, and satellites.
Unlike a lot of other countries that have radio frequency spectrum to play with, the U.
For this year, INDOTEL plans to procure: (a) technical assistance to prepare regulations: tariff and costs of telecom services, and competition policy; (b) technical assistance to conduct demand studies for telecom services in rural and low-income urban areas; (c) technical assistance for the design of e-health, and e-education programs; (d) training of regulatory entity staff; (e) a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for the whole entity; and (f) a radio frequency spectrum management and monitoring system.

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