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2]) of soil profiles (sampled to 60 cm) at Atiamuri, Tokoroa and Wairakei, from second--or third-rotation radiata pine before conversion to dairy pasture, total C and N at 2-11 years after conversion, and contents of long-term dairy and sheep-beef pastures (40-80 years) I.
Migration of kiln brown stain precursors during the drying of radiata pine sapwood.
The objective of this study was to examine the specific effect of radiata pine seedlings and ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.
In its first step towards that strategy, Genfor has imported the finest genetically improved trees from New Zealand, Chile's main competitor in the production of Radiata pine.
Other species native to the United States and Canada--the douglas fir, ponderosa or western yellow pine, lodgepole and Scotch pine--have spread following their introduction into Chile, but none with the vigor of the radiata pine.
Prices for New Zealand radiata pine logs dropped the most, while red pine logs from Russia showed the smallest price drops as compared to other species of imported softwood logs.
Nondurable timbers such as radiata pine need to be preservative-treated to the decay hazard level H3.
Experience with clonal forestry systems for radiata pine in New Zealand and various eucalyptus species and hybrids in Brazil suggests that improvements in wood quality for solid wood products have far greater value than do volume gains.
Davis MR (1995) Influence of radiata pine seedlings on chemical properties of some New Zealand montaine grassland soils.
As we explored the back roads, I was surprised to see American lumber companies harvesting the Radiata pine prevalent in New Zealand.
Ponderosa pine and Radiata pine are the predominant core materials, with some MDF, aluminum and vinyl also used as substrates.