Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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He added: "I would like to emphasise my personal commitment, and the commitment of all prosecutors in Scotland, to ensuring racially-motivated crimes are prosecuted.
THE number of people prosecuted for racially-motivated crimes in the West Midlands last year rose by 54.
A war against nuisance neighbours and racially-motivated crimes.
But it praised moves to increase penalties for racially-motivated crimes.
The operation has been running for four weeks and resulted in 20 arrests so far for offences including theft, handling stolen goods, offensive weapons, and racially-motivated crimes.
The second stage of the inquiry, which has visited Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol, aims to learn lessons about investigating racially-motivated crimes across the country.
The inquiry team was planning to come to Birmingham as part of a nationwide tour to look at what lessons could be learned from the investigation and the prosecution of racially-motivated crimes.
A scheme has been launched across Darlington and County Durham for victims of homophobic or racially-motivated crimes.
The diplomat, who was addressing the 16th session of the panel tasked with regular review of the German human rights file, praised measures that had been taken by Berlin in combatting of racially-motivated crimes (also known as hate crimes), namely formation of a special investigative panel as well as clarifications that had been made public regarding this file.
RACE-HATE yobs have been responsible for more than 700 religiously or racially-motivated crimes on the streets on Tyneside over the past year.
Gardai dealt with 50 per cent more racially-motivated crimes last year.
A new scheme being launched this weekend will make it easier for victims to report instances of homophobic or racially-motivated crimes.