Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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The vast majority of race hate crimes (70%) took place in Belfast.
We are encouraging the criminal justice agency to remain proactive and work in partnership with affected communities and offer support to those who suffer from race hate incidents and crimes, while taking robust measure to tackle the perpetrators of such crimes and bring them to justice.
A range of posters depicting victims of race hate crimes have also been produced to promote the launch of the Third Party Reporting Centres.
Abdul Saleem, 32, was cleared of soliciting murder at his trial but convicted of inciting race hate.
We must be strong': 'i'm not surprised at all the percentage of race hate crimes between English and Welsh is so high,' said Naz Malik, Director of the All-Wales Ethnic Minority Association.
THE FBI is investigating the alleged use of Irish dance classes as a front for race hate NAZIS in America.
On the front lines, you'll see more of the race hate groups coming up.
A MIDLAND sales manager has hit out at police after he was mistakenly arrested for sending race hate mail - to his own GRANDMOTHER.
Two of the largest booksellers on the Internet have been accused of selling race hate literature that is currently banned in Germany but is available to citizens via the Internet.
The sharp increase in race hate crimes in our schools at a time when hate crimes generally are decreasing is an indicator of the need for everyone to focus on our youth and their attitudes toward students of other races and ethnicities,'' said Ron Wakabayashi, the commission's chairman.
A RACE hate hammer attack and claims two teenagers forced a disabled man to eat a maggot and excrement sandwich show hate crime in Merseyside is still a matter of "serious concern".
THE PSNI yesterday launched a dedicated phone line to help bring race hate thugs to justice.