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On June 5th 1998 under SCR 1171 they confirmed the removal of sanctions on the government, re-imposed the arms embargo and travel ban on the RUF and members of the former military junta.
Up to 25% of simple RUF can heal spontaneously with these conservative measures, but for post-radiation fistulas, this is unlikely.
RUF emphasizes the strength of families, and immigrant families are no exception.
Humanitarian actors that favor the distribution of RUF products for prevention take a top- down approach to resolving child undernutrition and ignore many of the root causes.
The soldiers' actions generated a great deal of hatred on the part of the mistreated people; some even joined the RUF.
Since I started participating in the RUF program, I have turned my life around.
Furthermore, while the Trial Chamber found that the accused provided significant operational and military support to the RUF, particularly after he became president of Liberia, the evidence does not establish that this support was provided pursuant to a common plan in the context of a joint criminal enterprise.
I spoke to former RUF members and they actually told me that former members of the government in Sierra Leone supported the RUF.
The accord granted an amnesty for all acts committed prior to its signing and called for the transformation of the RUF into a political party.
UN press releases attributed the effectiveness of a RUF assault on the capital Freetown in November 1998 to Klein's expertise.
A Dirty War in West Africa: The RUF and the Destruction of Sierra Leone is a convincing attempt to figure out what happened, and why.
May 2000 The RUF rebels are once again forced onto the defensive as leader Sankoh is captured.