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RUF emphasizes the strength of families, and immigrant families are no exception.
Humanitarian actors that favor the distribution of RUF products for prevention take a top- down approach to resolving child undernutrition and ignore many of the root causes.
The soldiers' actions generated a great deal of hatred on the part of the mistreated people; some even joined the RUF.
Since I started participating in the RUF program, I have turned my life around.
Furthermore, while the Trial Chamber found that the accused provided significant operational and military support to the RUF, particularly after he became president of Liberia, the evidence does not establish that this support was provided pursuant to a common plan in the context of a joint criminal enterprise.
I spoke to former RUF members and they actually told me that former members of the government in Sierra Leone supported the RUF.
The RUF military commander, Sam "Mosquito" Bockarie, backed by Major Koroma--designated deputy commander of the RUF, threatened to make the country ungovernable if Sankoh, sentenced to death for treason by the Kabbah government, was not freed and included in the government.
As many as 6,000 people died in the RUF offensive dubbed "No Living Thing" by the dreaded commander Sam Bockarie--a one-time hairdresser.
There have been several attempts at ceasefires and peace agreements, but the two most important, with their main provisions, were the following: 1996 The Abidjan Accord -- ceasefire; RUF to become political party; amnesty for members of RUF; release of prisoners; disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of fighters (DDR); downsizing of Sierra Leone army; withdrawal of EO from country; withdrawal of foreign troops; donor governments will provide funds to assist with DDR.
Kabbah returned to office in May 1998 but battles in the country's capital Freetown between the Nigerian-led West African force Ecomog and RUF rebels continued.
In foreign policy, Taylor is chiefly known for providing Sierra Leone's RUF with weaponry, military training, and logistical support.